poniedziałek, 3 września 2012

The Chuch Of Theological Discussions

Hm... I haven't written here literally for years, I have forgotten about this blog shortly after I started it. Now I have a wish to write more systematically.

My former group spent every evening on discussing Biblical or theological topic. The theological knowledge was emphasized very strongly. Usually, after daily responsibilities and dinner, they go for a walk and afterwards the "topic" began. The discussions were very long, they started around 8 PM and lasted until ca. midnight.

I don't think it is something wrong in itself. It is very important to understand faith correctly. The problem is, that the knowledge about Bible and God was practised, and sharing of Word of God was rather not practised. The "objective" talks about God were understood as better than individual experience.

Now I think that faith in itself is rather intelectual act, and emotions are not that important. Nevertheless, sharing individual experience is closer to knowing God than just arguing about Him.

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