piątek, 7 września 2012

Condessing of sins

Yeah, important topic.

Holic group teaches that it is important to confess sins to other Christians in the community. One does not get forgiveness by this in itself, but it should help to repent. They argue that it is also necessary in order to be sincere in front of community. One cannot hide sins from brothers because there is no distinction between relation to God and relation to "the Community", they say. So, their concept presupposes confessing all your sins, even those that are harming no-one exept you and God (because in general God <=> Community).

This idea I do not find that bad, at least in theory. Practically, if one says his sins to the brother, it does not stay between them. In Holic group there is no "private sphere" and everything that you say to one brother he can pass further so finally it is known by all. If you commit sins often and they are considered severe, you are called to a long talk and you can be even excluded.

I confessed all things "by the book" and it was difficult, because some brothers reacted very emotionally and were strict and aggresive (in words). I had a tendency to self-condemnation so the confesssing in my case were rather obstacles than help in repentance. Finally it led me to mental illness.

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